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The best way to send an e-mail to the Pulmonary PRN e-mail list is to use your e-mail program (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to send a message to Sending a message with your e-mail program allows you to include attachments.

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To view the Pulmonary PRN e-mail list archives, please visit:

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To change the e-mail address used for your Pulmonary PRN e-mail list subscription, or to change your subscription type, please visit

Pulmonary Mailing List

An e-mail list is designed to facilitate communications between members of a group through the use of e-mail. Any message sent to the e-mail list address will be sent to all members of the group. This is useful for asking a large number of people for information about a topic or informing them of news or events. Simply send an e-mail to the e-mail list, and everyone who subscribes to the list will receive it.

To send a message to the Pulmonary e-mail list, e-mail

The content and/or views expressed in any e-mail list are not necessarily those of ACCP, and ACCP makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy of the content and accepts no responsibility for the views expressed. All of the content or views in the e-mail list have been prepared by and are those of the individual(s) who have developed the content or views.

Hotmail Accounts

Make sure your e-mail list messages aren't filtered as 'junk' in your Hotmail account.
Select the following menu items in Hotmail.

  • Options (tab)
  • Mail Handling (center column)
  • Mail Lists

Messages from some e-mail lists arrive at your account with a 'To:' address that isn't your e-mail address, and as a result are likely to be filtered to your Junk Mail Folder. Most often the 'To:' address is the e-mail list's address. To insure you receive e-mail list messages in your Inbox identify the 'To:' address for each of your e-mail lists.

As an example, if you are subscribed to the Ambulatory Care PRN then you need to add in the designated field in Hotmail. A list of each PRN mailing lists address can be found on the members only web page how our e-mail lists work.

Yahoo Accounts

Yahoo's filter service, SpamGuard, may automatically filter PRN messages to a "Bulk Mail" folder. If this occurs, let Yahoo know by forwarding the message to a Yahoo! Customer Care associate. Just click on the "This is not spam" link on the message itself.

  1. Follow the Mail Options link from the Yahoo! Mail navigation bar.
  2. Select "Filters."
  3. Click "Add."
  4. Give the filter an appropriate name, such as ACCP, under "Filter Name."
  5. Make sure the first criterion reads "From header: contains."
  6. To whitelist all ACCP mail, type "", "", and "".
  7. Select the desired destination folder (Inbox or an ACCP folder, for example) under "Move the message to:."
  8. Click "Add Filter."

AOL Accounts

There are three common reasons why you might not be getting an e-mail:

  1. First, check your Mail Controls to make sure you are not blocking the person (or blocking everyone). If you are, the person trying to send you e-mail should be receiving an error message saying that you are not accepting mail from them.
  2. Second, check your Spam Folder to see if messages from your correspondent are being tagged by AOL as being junk email. If they are, try adding your correspondent to your Address Book so that future messages will be delivered straight to you.
  3. Third, it's possible that AOL is blocking your correspondent's provider from sending mail because there have been complaints of abuse. Have your correspondent see AOL's Postmaster.Info: AOL Member FAQ for more information on how to make sure his messages get through. If this is the problem, he would be unable to get mail through to any AOL members -- not just you.

The Mail Controls interface offer a variety of different mutually exclusive settings:

  1. Allow mail from all senders
  2. Allow mail only from AOL members
  3. Allow mail only from People I Know
  4. Block mail from all senders
  5. Use a Custom Sender List

The first item is the default, allowing all e-mail. The second allows mail only from other AOL members, blocking the Internet. The third item allows mail only from people on in your Buddy List and Address Book. The fourth item blocks all mail. The fifth item takes a different tact from the previous ones, allowing e-mail from all AOL and Internet addresses except those you specify (a "black list"); or allowing mail only from the AOL and Internet addresses specified (a "white list").

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